Faux Thomas Jefferson – A 20th Century Fiction


Volume three in James Thompson’s four volume American Revolutions Series – EPUB format



Faux Thomas Jefferson follows the second book in James Thompson’s American Revolutions Series. There he detailed how Jefferson and James Madison poisoned America’s new majoritarian political system by creating an opposition party and, using adversarial methods, built it into a majority and took control of the nation’s government.
In this volume, Mr. Thompson explains that faux Thomas Jefferson was born in the final decade of the 19th century as progressive social reformers began to resist Capitalism and its practitioners who were using industrial monopolies to build private fortunes. Faux Thomas Jefferson developed into a 20th century fiction after World War I when America’s intelligentsia answered John Dewey’s call and began to play an active role in improving the quality of life for America’s underclasses.
A circle within this body saw Thomas Jefferson as their spiritual leader. In preparation for the 200th anniversary of his birth, they began transforming the 18th century enemy of hierarchical tyranny into the symbolic leader of their program to reform America’s capitalist society.
Less than a decade later, Franklin Roosevelt launched his revolution. Roosevelt began by reconstructing the Democratic Party. An admirer of Jefferson, he redesigned the 18th century enemy of tyrants into a 20th century champion of the common man.
On the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s birth (1943), the day President Roosevelt dedicated the Jefferson Memorial, the bureaucrats who administered America’s newly benevolent government merged with the scholars who managed its history and heritage. This merger produced a political network of the nation’s best and brightest citizens. The self-appointed mission of the Political-Historical Complex was to manage the business of the American people and to condition the people themselves to follow their shepherds. Faux Thomas Jefferson served as the bellwether that would lead them to the pasture their shepherds were preparing for them. by 1970, the real Thomas Jefferson had been erased from the public narrative, and the American people no longer knew he had ever existed.
Mr. Thompson tells this fascinating story with conversational familiarity that makes it both interesting and enjoyable to read.

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