The Third American Revolution: The War between the Real Thomas Jefferson and Faux Thomas Jefferson


Volume four of James Thompson’s four volume American Revolutions Series – EPUB edition

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The Third American Revolution is different from the American revolutions that preceded it.
The first American Revolution began after a network of “patriots” destroyed the ability of England’s monarch to govern his American colonies. The objective of these menacing rebels was to create—and run—their own governments. The second American Revolution was directed by a pair of partisan Virginians who divided their countrymen against each other, built their faction into a voting majority, and used it to gain control of the nation’s existing government, which they then ran with the help of their party.
The Third American Revolution has been in progress since “FDR” launched his New Deal in 1933. Nine decades later its leaders are the
hierarchs who manage his Tocquevillian system. They are supported by
compatriots who direct the nation’s leading institutions, public and private. The men and women in this network constitute America’s intelligentsia. One supposes they have always been “above” the common people. But during the third American Revolution, they have made it their business to accumulate the power to rule those beneath them. Their guiding principles are “communitarian” in the mode of Karl Marx and John Dewey. This puts them in opposition to ordinary Americans who are striving every day to exercise their inherent right to pursue their personal happiness.
Author James Thompson characterizes the conflict between America’s governing class and the people it manages as a war between the Thomas Jeffersons. He describes the four rebellions the real Thomas Jefferson waged against hierarchical tyrants and explains that because he expected all hierarchies to become tyrannical, he was their sworn enemy. Faux Thomas Jefferson was invented in the 1920s and 1930s by progressive social reformers intent on eliminating the inequality and social injustice that plagued America’s capitalist system and were shattering the lives of its working classes. Faux Thomas Jefferson was created to be a beacon of hope and light to guide America’s Tocquevillian flock to the pasture prepared for it by its benevolent shepherds.
There was a catch. The shepherds who are managing this benevolence long ago became self-serving, corrupt, and smug. The American people have seen this through the stream of Jeffersonian rhetoric that swirls ceaselessly around them. As rule-making bureaucrats have made the pursuit of private happiness increasingly difficult, increasing numbers of freedom-loving Americans have decided that dealing with the perils of Liberty is better than subsisting under institutional benevolence. The Third American Revolution is therefore on the verge of becoming a hot war.
Mr. Thompson concludes his exposition with some thoughts about how it will end.

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