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The American Revolution Series consists of four books, being

1) The First American Revolution,

2) The Second American Revolution,

3) Faux Thomas Jefferson,

4) The Third American Revolution.

In these four books, I present detailed historical information about five revolutions “in the minds of the people.”

Readers of these discussions will learn who orchestrated and conducted these world-changing political events, what they undertook to do, and the methods they used to achieve their objectives.

When taken together, two more things become apparent:

1) the five revolutions, though different in many
important respects, share certain key characteristics,


2) each revolution set the stage for the revolution that
followed it.

By interpreting them as links in a chain, we are able to track the trajectory they are following. The sequence began in England shortly before King George III received his crown (1760). I close with a comment on where it is going to end.