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James Thompson calls his four-book series the American Revolutions Series. In it, he presents an American history for the 21st century by explaining how the prophecy Alexis de Tocqueville issued in 1840 came true.

The series’ first book is The First Revolutions in the Minds of the People. In this book, Mr. Thompson reconstructs the first steps in filling Tocqueville’s prophecy. Sam Adams took the first, the author contends, by organizing “patriotic” resistance to the rule of King George III. Adams’s compatriots advanced the process by using public violence to subvert the King’s colonial governments and intimidation to suppress the King’s loyal subjects. Patriotic scribes masked this rebellion, say Mr. Thompson, with “rights rhetoric” borrowed from King George’s political nemesis, John Wilkes.

In his masterwork, Democracy in America, Tocqueville predicted that Americans would transform from liberty-loving individuals into a flock of timid animals cared for by government shepherds. This seemingly impossible transformation was completed, Mr. Thompson explains, during the Third American Revolution, which he says began during the Great Depression. In its course, beleaguered Americans transferred their sovereignty to the administrators of the government Franklin Roosevelt created to aid victims of the nation’s economic collapse. Mr. Thompson describes how the administrators of Roosevelt’s benevolent government lost interest in their wards as the iron rule of bureaucracies asserted itself. Power not only corrupted America’s Tocquevillean shepherds it forged them into a Machiavellian cartel that perpetuated itself by giving its flock more treats while tightening controls on it. It has been doing this now, Mr. Thompson observes, for almost one hundred years.

More steps in fulfilling Tocqueville’s prophecy were taken by Thomas Jefferson and his political partner, James Madison. In The Second American Revolution – How Two Partisan Virginians Poisoned America’s Political System, Mr. Thompson tells the untold story of how Thomas Jefferson and James Madison divided the American people against themselves, took control of their government, and transformed it into a tool for their political party. This provocative work will be released in the spring of 2024.

The third book in the series is The Third American Revolution – The War between the Real Thomas Jefferson and Faux Thomas Jefferson. Franklin Roosevelt launched this revolution, Mr. Thompson explains, when he became President in 1932. His New Dealers used the hardships of the Depression to establish the benevolent government Tocqueville described. In the decades that followed, Nietzschean shepherds secured their preeminence by transforming it into a tyranny of benevolence. This narrative will be published in the spring of 2024.

The fourth book in the series, Faux Thomas Jefferson – A 20th Century Fiction, is a biographical interplay between the real 18th century man and the Jefferson caricature invented in the mid-20th century by scholarly members of the government’s Machiavellian hierarchy. It will be released in the fall of 2024.

Information about the revolutions Mr. Thompson reconstructs in his series, and his biography of Faux Thomas Jefferson, can be found online at